About Stenciller Fabrics

We have offiially brand named “Stenciller Fabrics”.

Stenciller Fabrics offer woven fabrics for various end uses mostly in cotton & blends with Viscose, Polyester, Lycra & other fibers. Our production weaving capacity is 1 million meters of fabric per month along with a capacity of 7 tons per day of yarn dyeing & 2 million meters per month of Finishing.

Since its inception, Stenciller Fabrics has become a leading producer of yarn dyed fabrics in Pakistan. We are positioned to provide customers with a vertically integrated solution to source yarn dyed fabrics.

We believe in experimentation & exploration of new dimensions. Our product development team carries out extensive research to keep updated on new market trends & to stay one step ahead of the competition. We constantly work hard to translate our novel & creative ideas into attractive products.